1. Where are you located?

 We are located just outside of the town of Sioux Lookout, situated in a quiet bay on Pelican Lake. This is where my repeat clients choose to stay due and my recommendation as well.
If I have a day open,  I will guide from any location, in any boat, within close proximity of the town.  

2. Are you situated right on Lac Seul?

 Yes and No.....Moosehorn Lodge is located on Pelican Lake, 10 minutes from Lac Seul's Southeastern corner, 5 minutes from Minnitaki. These waters are all connected and easily navigable through rapids. There are also two Lac Seul Launches, and one Big Vermilion Launch in close proximity. In the case of a low water year, I would use the launches. If you are staying at Moosehorn Lodge, I will navigate right from the base waters in a safe and timely manner.  If I am working with you outside the camp, with your own boat, we can depart from any launch you desire. 

3. Will you guide me in my own boat?

 Yes, but I have to book most of my dates in my own boat, in order to make the heavy payments. Your best bet for a hassle free day of catching is to book my boat and leave all of the work to me.
  I will guide in any boat, at any place, at any time, depending on availability. Whether there is just one boat, or several boats fishing together, I will make sure that each one travels safely, and all boats are productive on the water. Two way radios can be handy in this situation. Keep in mind that my base rate is set for two people, and a small charge will be placed for each extra person, even if in a following boat. The more people that you bring, the better deal it is for you. If you need to rent a boat, I can outfit that as well. Be sure to let me know if you will be requiring a shore lunch, and how many people there will be. I can guide at whichever hours on the water will best suit your needs. I am very familiar with all types of boats, and will treat your equipment with extreme care and professionalism. Make sure that you have all the required safety equipment aboard your vessel, as I do not provide that. 

4. Can I use my GPS while you are guiding for me?

 Yes. Many years ago the answer to this question was no. As technology has advanced, I have realized that my job is much more than just showing people fishing hotspots. Many guests have traveled with me while recording everything on their mapping devices. 

​All that I ask is that you don't post your plot all over the Internet, or sell the program, unless you want the isolated places I teach you to become Disneyland to fishermen. I have no problem teaching people the safe routes, and showing them how to target every species, at all times of year. Even if you only require my services for your first day, to get an idea of what you are looking for and how to get there safely, that is fine. I will not hold anything back if you are recording our day on GPS. My goal here is to make sure that all fishermen and women I meet are very successful every time they travel here. 

Most of the people that I guide for each year, just simply enjoy the fact that they don't have to do anything, but sit back and catch fish. Why run a boat instead of fishing, you are on vacation aren't you? I pride myself in being a great teacher, and even a GPS can't avoid single logs and small reefs, or teach you how to navigate rapids safely. I give 100% effort into each day on the water, regardless of what type of trip I am on.

5. Are children welcome on your trips?

 Most definitely YES. I encourage everyone to bring your kids/grandkids to this area. I enjoy teaching young people how to fish. Having a 7 year old myself, I may tend to make sure that they are outfishing everyone else in the boat! I have a lot of fun with kids aboard and make sure that I keep them very busy. Taking my guiding services will ensure that your child has fond memories of fishing, and keep your frustrations to a minimum, while simply letting you enjoy your excursion as well. I have the greatest amount of patience, and camaraderie to ensure that your child to have nothing but a positive experience here. 

6. How about Senior Citizens?

 Yes, If you are worried about age or physical impairments, please don't. Parents, Grandparents, and simply everyone is welcome. I will take special care of elderly people if needed, to make sure that they have a safe and very productive trip. I have helped many guests with physical conditions get in and out of the boat safely, and will take care as need be, throughout the trip. I am here to help make their trip a memorable one as well. 


7. Pets?

 Yes, If your favorite companion has joined your fishing trip, then certainly bring them along. I have two dogs at home, so I am fond of animals. Many of my guests in the past have brought their pets along, and even fed them shore lunch! The only exceptions I have here is no violent tempered or exotic endangered species!! 

8. What should I bring along on a trip with you?


Here is a quick list of things that you will want to have with you;


Personal Cooler with adequate beverages of your choice


Polarized Sunglasses
Fishing Licences                             

Clothing in layers for all temperatures

PFD's for everyone aboard, unless I am providing boat with

Fishing equipment/Small tackle box of essentials (I have that as well)                           


Cell charge cord(I have usb charging)

Group Cell playlist of DOWNLOADED songs, if desired my boat has a great Bluetooth stereo.

I can provide fishing equipment if you do not wish to travel with it, tackle as well, just let me know. I carry a wide assortment of tackle, and everyone that is with me is welcome to use it on the "lose it, bought it" condition. Contact me with any questions about the fishing gear that you will need for your trip. You may also want to pack your lunch, if we have not made prior arrangments for shore lunch.

9. What hours will we be fishing, and what other perks are there?

 A regular fishing day is typically between the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM, however if you are targeting muskies with me I would recommend fishing from 11 AM until dark. I am also available for half days, and pretty much whatever hours you would like to fish. My evening trips run from 6PM until dark.

When you hire my services you will be offered a shore lunch, in which I will clean fish, prepare and cook side dishes as well. I will clean everyone's catch 100% boneless at the end of the day, whether they are taking fish home, or to eat while here.

I provide a care free fishing trip where everyone can just simply relax, catch and let me take care of everything. If desired I will bait and tie hooks, as well. 

10. Can you guarantee my success on a trip with you?

 Yes. No Fish-No Pay. Although this has never happened before, my confidence each and every day is that I will forfeit my wage if there are no fish caught. In fact I would probably have to retire from guiding. When you hire me I will take you to the best possible places for action and trophies. Many times this happens on the first stop, but if not I always find what I'm looking for.

Musky trips are the exception to this rule, due to the fact that your odds of have multiple fish follow your baits and catches are probable, making this  more of a form of hunting, and I would not be brilliant to make guarantees in this area. All I can tell you is that everywhere I take you has a great shot at a monster fish! 

Where to buy live bait in Sioux Lookout

Al's Sports Excellence

 84 Front St.

807 737 1323


"The Sioux Lookout Area Outdoor Headquarters" 

Moosehorn Lodge

109 Moosehorn Rd

On the water minnows and gas


807 737 2630

Ojibway Baits

438 Hwy 73

807 737-2690

5 Mile Corner

1284 Hwy 72 

Sioux Lookout, Ontario 

807 737-1654

DJ's Gas Bar

42 Front St

807 737-1315 

J&D Baits

 2740 Hwy 72



"Supplying the entire Sioux Lookout Area with all sizes and types of minnows, leeches, suckers and specialty baits. Great prices and bulk orders."

Frog Rapids Camp

Frog Rapids Camp 

728 Hwy 72 


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Tennessee Musky Guide

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​ As the holder of the current Tennessee State Record Musky, Steven uses his extensive knowledge, experience and know-how to provide you with the musky guide trip of a lifetime, every time. 

​Based out Melton Hill Reservoir and it's connecting waterways in Oak Ridge, TN, 


Chaos Tackle - the gear I use



Thank you and welcome to Chaos Tackle, your one stop shop for all your muskie needs! Here at Chaos Tackle we offer a full lineup of high end, superior quality muskie lures and rods to fill and fit anything you're looking for. We offer hard baits, soft baits, trolling baits and everything in between. Chaos Tackle has earned an industry leading reputation for helping anglers put monster muskies in the boat. Home of the famed Medussa, we have grown and expanded Chaos to include many other soft plastic baits and have brought back and redesigned The Shadillac. The entire line of Chaos baits have quickly become staples in the muskie world. Through Chaos we also offer lures and trolling rods under the Custom X brand, developed some of the best casting and trolling rods under the Assault Stick label, offer top of the line bucktails and spinner baits through Esox Assault side of things. We are also home to the infamous Shum Shum gliders and Big Mama Topwaters. We take a huge amount of pride in our work and with our various lines of rods and lures. Take a look around the site and see for yourself everything Chaos has to offer. As always customer service is #1 so please don't hesitate to email us or call with any questions or consernes you may have. Thanks again for choosing Chaos Tackle and good luck on your next muskie adventure!

Supernatural Big Baits- my fall musky go to bait

 Supernatural Big Baits are a new generation of handmade baits for big predator fish that have a unique and totally random 'walking' action in our HeadLocks, MattLock and LipLock.  Or as we like to say...Original Baits With Supernatural Action.  Known To Start Fights!!!