Lac Seul East Musky Fishing

Endless options, no crowds and monster musky

 Want to fish for muskies that have never seen a lure before? For Lac Seul, the majority of its muskies inhabit the entire eastern half. This may be from the multiple tributaries, and moving water over here. There is no lack of fish or baitfish in this system, and musky anglers world wide know how girthy our fish can get. In recent years several catches over 57 inches have been released in these waters. Musky fishing in the region is strictly catch and release. There are a few smaller lakes that you are allowed one over 40", but modern day musky fishermen would never keep one. In fact, In my time living up here, I have yet to see a musky harvested. Lac Seul has been catch and release since the early 90's. Reproduction is natural here,  and these lakes have many spawning areas that will keep the fish growing in numbers! Although pike and musky are mixed together throughout this whole system, it seems that some places consistently attract more numbers of one or the other. 


Size not numbers


  In my years of guiding musky I have noticed an large increase to the musky population here, or maybe I have just learned their haunts a bit better. With the new age of catch and release fishermen doing things right, the rules have guaranteed a better chance at surviving to monstrous proportions. There are most certainly massive fish in this giant reservoir that have never been caught before. Musky season opens here from the 3rd Saturday in June until December 15th each year. In this area you will have the choice of musky hunting on clear and stained water. Evening musky fishing is permitted here, and that may be the chance for you to get that top water thrill of a lifetime!

  You might want to narrow down your search, and spend your time fishing productive, proven waters by taking an expert such as myself along. I am not talking high number catch days here, but your chance for a fish over 50" and a great shot at a new world record musky is definitely here!

  Early season musky may not have the largest possible girth, and spawning scars are common. Location isn't always predictable, and I see a lot of airborne antics from these fish at this time of year. ​ Surprise muskies happen early season!

  The summer months are a giant playground for musky fishing here. Healthy cabbage weeds, reefs, current and timber provide plenty of prime structure to conquer. The musky are thick, clean and healthy.

  Although this is big water, multiple fish days with many follows do happen. Lac Seul musky can be tough to narrow down to high numbers concentrated in one area. The bonus is that you can always find an area to fish and have to yourself here! New populations of musky are discovered each season in these waters. Most people that hunt these waters don't look for heavy action, just the chance for a tank musky is high here. The head size and girth on these musky are simply huge.

   Fall is the time for the true hardcore trophy hunter. Early fall is prime time for chucking those bulldawgs and soft plastics. Later on, towards freeze up we troll from first to last light, covering waters rich with baitfish. The musky girth at this time is just ridiculous!
Persistence and determination will pay off in a BIG way up here.
All musky must return to grow here, making your chances for that monster so much higher!

Musky Fishing in the Sioux Lookout region is great. There are young fish, and ancient monsters alike. There is no spearing of muskies that takes place here. All of the fish I release, are handled correctly. The musky fishing pressure is light as well, due to healthy populations of many other targeted species.

 If you are going to try musky fishing here for your first time, or accidentally catch one, please be sure to research your proper handling techniques first. While vicious in the water, these fish are fragile when out of their element. 

The benefits of taking an area Musky guide with you.

1. You can fish hard, and not worry about boat operation, while learning the area. Your guide will get you home safely in the dark!

2. You will always be fishing high percentage waters.

3. The boat will enter and exit spots correctly, and boat distance from the structure will be perfect,  every time.

4. Advice on current hot tackle and presentations will be given.

5. The fish will be safely handled, measured and released correctly. The guide will take a great picture for you!

  The local Master Angler program requires a minimum of 44 inches to qualify for a musky catch and release award. Many of these are released in this area each season. Myself, fellow guides, and most importantly our guests record the majority of these catches each year.

  •   Be sure to inquire about evening musky hunts, and up your chances for that monster!