Minnitaki and Big Vermilion Lake Trout Fishing

 Lake Trout are a great option, readily available to you in the Sioux Lookout Area. Guests of mine usually spend one day of their trip on Lake Trout. In the early summer months we luck into lakers on Minnitaki while they are still shallower, simply by walleye fishing. Most of these fish are over 30 inches with the largest I've seen at 43.5 inches. If you are targeting lake trout on Minnitaki or Abram, don't expect to land more than five per day. I release most of my lakers on this lake. This lake is quality not quantity trout fishing. 
  Big Vermilion is where I take my guests for action on Lake Trout. Only artificial lures are allowed on this lake. This 18 mile long lake has a healthy population of two to five pound lake trout, with the occasional ten pounder caught. There are still trophies, and I have seen fish over 20 pounds caught and released in this lake. Big V. has a slot size of 17.7 to 23.6 inches. These fish must be released. On a sport licence you may keep two lake trout, 1 may be over the slot, and one under(or two under 17.7). On a conservation licence you may keep one(over or under).  


 Please note that lake trout have a high mortality rate, so reel them slow, and handle the slot fish with care. We hope to see these rules change in the near future to one lake trout per person of any size.

  You may want to have me prepare for you one of the finest baked lake trout lunches.

  Most people automatically think that they will be trolling or down rigging for lake trout. 
I only troll for Lake Trout in the spring, on shallow stretches with rapala's, while you hold the rod. The rest of the year is spent fishing with special tube rigs, very similar to jigging for walleye, except for the fact that you are fishing in the whole water column.    Many tactics will work on these fish, I just like my guests to be fighting fish one on one, rather than dragging them in. I know this lake blindfolded, and I always produce well on Big Vermilion.

The master angler award in this area for Lake trout is 30 inches and higher. The majority of the master sized trout come from Minnitaki and Big Sandy, with the occasional trophy from Big Vermilion. Many of these big lakers are caught through the ice, or in early spring when the water temperature is colder. 

Why should you hire a guide for Lake trout fishing?

1. You will always be fishing high percentage waters.

2. The guide will rig up the best tactic for that time of year.

3. You will learn safe routes, spots, techniques and not damage your boat.

4. The guide will safely handle, measure release Lake Trout.

5. Shore lunch will be made, and fish you keep will be cleaned for you.

Want to try something different in this area?

 Speckled (brook), Splake and Rainbow Trout Fishing

In the Sioux Lookout Area there are several small lakes that have been stocked with brook trout. These lakes have had as many as 3500 trout stocked in per year since the early 70's. There are four of these speckled lakes that I know well,  one more for splake, and one for rainbows as well. Fish range from fingerlings to 7 lbs, and I'm sure there are much bigger brookies yet. If you are an avid fly fisherman this could be the perfect spot to fish while you are up here. Small mepps, crankbaits, spoons and bobber rigs have all proven deadly at times. These feisty squaretails are one of my favorites to fish and for table fare. Contact me if you want to try this unique angling opportunity in this area.