Please send me your comments and thoughts from our fishing experience together -

Mark Magnuson

 This was our group's 34th year of fishing in Ontario and the consensus among those who got to fish with him was that Colin was the best and hardest working guide we're every had. We fished the first week in June when the fishing should be fantastic but weather patterns made this a most unusual spring. Colin figured it out and we was very productive -- more so than the other boats. He is a good guy and fun to be around. Give him a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.  

Bryon Niekamp, John Dolak, Doug Duey, Chris Kiehm, Ira Harvel, Reni Gobeyn

 "Colin is by far the best guide I have ever used.  In fact he is much better than I am.  I run a charter service out of Lake Erie and I am continually surprised year after year at how hard this guy works.  He not only knows the lake and where the fish are – but he has outstanding customer service.  In fact I cant remember when I have had a fish on and a minnow was not back on my hook before I could even turn around.  I bring a lot of “green” fisherman up to Moosehorn and he makes the trip very enjoyable for them and goes out of his way to make sure they catch fish and have a good time. This makes the trip for me and the guys that know fishing much more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about the new guy – Colin takes care of it.  He has an extraordinary knowledge of the lake system and is a joy to be around, he is entertaining, knowledgeable, and most importantly an excellent guide.  He is also a great cook and makes a great shore lunch – try his Manitou sandwich and you will now what I mean.  Colin significantly contributes to our decision to visit Moosehorn and we hope to have him as our guide for years to come." 

Darryl Vilt Waseca, MN

 "I came to Moosehorn Lodge for the first time in 1996.  I have not missed coming back there since.  I have fished under many guides, but none as dedicated as Colin Gosse.  He senses what the fishermen under his guidance need and produces exactly what they expect.  We have never been disappointed with Colin and he is a chef supreme.
When I talk to other people that are going to MooseHorn Lodge, they all say, "I sure hope I can get Colin Gosse for my guide !". 
  Colin has a sterling personality and his work ethic is second to none.  Colin is willing to go 'the extra mile' for those he is guiding .  One other plus that comes to mind, he is an excellent fisherman.
  If you would like any further information, feel free to contact me at 1 - 507 - 833 - 4671  

John Grabowski Florissant, MO

 "My family and I have been fishing with Colin for almost 10 years, that alone says a lot. You don’t do the same thing twice a year for ten years if you don’t enjoy it. Colin is a magnificently talented guide who knows the waters he fishes and the fish in it like no other I have ever seen before! Colin makes your fishing trip as important to him as it is to you. He’s an excellent cook….his shore lunches are AWESOME!! In addition to all the skills he brings he’s a blast to be in the boat with. We laugh, joke and do exactly what we came to do, forget about all the “stuff” going on in our lives.
Colin doesn’t disappoint. If you have the chance to fish Lac Suel with him you won’t regret it, in fact you’ll probably create a memory you’ll never forget." 

Steven Godek Operations Manager GPM Mfg Inc

 "My dad and I have been fishing in the Sioux Lookout area since 1991 and have had plenty of guides during that time. In recent years we've been booking our trips exclusively with Colin Gosse. He is far and away the best guide we've ever fished with. He is relentless in his pursuit of fish. We've never had a down day with him. Colin has a great work ethic. He busts his butt to make our fishing experience as enjoyable as possible. Rigging rods, baiting hooks, cooking shore lunch; he does it all and does it well. As if that wasn't enough, he is also very pleasant to be around. A very nice and genuine person. Easy to talk to during those long days on the water. Colin is a terrific guide and person. I guarantee a great time if you fish with Colin." 

Richard Malek Tech-Max Itasca, IL

 “Colin, thanks for an outstanding guided trip this year.  What a great experience to bring three generations of our family up to Moosehorn Lodge and watch everyone catch fish all day long.  Grand parents, parents and kids all had a blast!  You turned my kids Gordie  and Nicole  into lifelong fishing machines and really taught them how to fish so they can be successful anytime.  They talk about it constantly!  And what can I say about your shore lunch?  Simply delicious!  Once of the best trips we’ve ever had and already looking forward to doing it again soon – thanks again!” 

Scott Boeselager

 "I just wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all your hard work at Moosehorn Lodge as our guide for the past five years.  Your enthusiasm, dedication and preparation make the days on the water very entertaining and productive.   Not to mention your ability to will fish into the boat.  Of course none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for your extensive knowledge of the fishing environment.  Even when other guides can’t find fish, you have the 6th sense of where to find them and how to catch them.  You never give up and the results speak for themselves.  
Thanks again for making all our trips to Moosehorn the best ever.  I look forward to fishing with you for years to come." 

Bill Booge

 "My Name is Bill Booge. I have had the pleasure of fishing in NorthWest Ontario Canada for many years, 1st. time in 1972, and have never missed a year since. I have also had the pleasure of fishing with many fishing guides, some of them have passed on but their legends have not and will live for ever, such as Jack Botham.
As the times change so do our fishing methods, & for the past 10 years i have had the pleasure of having Colin Gosse, for a fishing Guide & better yet a friend. He makes me smile even when i think about him when i'm back at home in Iowa. Colin is a true legend in his profession, and when it comes to shore lunch, look out, it's 5 star *****. 
Ever year while fishing with Colin, I have many Master Angler awards, for Walleye, Northern,Smallmouth Bass, and the Powerful Muskie, I,M still looking for the big Laker but knowing Colin it will happen. Thanks alot Colin for your many hours of pleasure, and may God watch over and bless you always, your good friend." 

Spencer Leutschaft

 I have hunted and fished with Colin. I can attest to the fact that Lac Seul fishery is one of the best managed and productive in the world. There is no doubt in my mind that a world record musky will come from these waters very soon, with daily opportunities to land a trophy. Anyone who knows Lac Seul, knows Colin. Any guide on that lake can put you on fish, but none will make the trip as enjoyable as him. From his shore lunch, to his passion to the sport, to his friendly nature. No guide on Lac Seul is as highly regarded by his peers. Which is a real attestation to his passion and skills. When I return to Sioux Lookout and Lac Seul, Colin is the man. 

Jack Strouts Montgomery,Texas(Lake Conroe)

 Colin, Thanks for making a fantastic fishing trip for two 70 year old men. We both had great success (our opinion) for walleye, northern, lakers, smallmouth and musky. I know I had a lot to learn on the musky, but we stayed with it and it sure paid off-- well worth the trouble for both of us-- a true 'bucket list' outcome. Your initiative and patience make the difference. It was totally fun and we count you among our fishing buddies. Thanks again.  

Evert Holgerson Towaco NJ

 Colin, It is difficult to find a place to start or to try to thank you enough for opening my eyes and treating me to a wonderful learning experiance. You are a true Pro! The fish you put Jack and I on were increible and your consistancy with finding fish, twenty plus muskies in one day, now that speaks for it's self. Maybe I did downsize too much, spinning rod, 30 lb braid, and a 51" muskie, but you got me through it. I still don't know which was better, the fish or your excitement. Thanks again and you are the man, you made the trip! 

Jeff Marian, MN

 Not being much of a fisherman, I really didn't know what to expect when I got to Lac Seul this past summer. What I got was a bunch of memories that will last a lifetime. And so much of the experience was thanks to Colin. I learned a ton, caught more fish than I ever dreamed and had a blast. Colin's energy, knowledge of the water and wildlife and sense of humor are incredible. Colin gives 110% and it's obvious that he loves what he does. Thanks for a great experience Colin! 

Leon Deutsch Wadena, IA

 We have fished with Colin on 4 separate occasions and each time gets better and better. He is very knowledgeable about his fishing and caters to every need you might have. My wife and I are looking forward to the next trip out with Colin. We have learned a lot and are able to use many of the things he has taught us. 

Alice Malek Antioch IL

 Colin! Looking forward to fish with you in August. We fish with you many, many years and every time you gave us excellent service, specially you are very kind and have a lot of patience for older and not so well women , like I'm . And your shore lunches are the best. I would recommend Colin to anyone, specially- women. Last year 4 times "Malek" name on "Master Angler Release " list. That tells all about Colin -guide. 

Bea Nyback Minneapolis,Mn

 I have fished with Colin for several years. He knows where to go for the big ones and every time you go out it's to a different area of lake. He makes sure that everyone in boat is catching fish. Colin is a lot of fun as well as being very serious about his job. If I'm fortunate enough to be able to get up there again I'll be sure to try and have him for my guide again. 

Mike Lowenborg San Antonio, TX

 My family and I (the Willsons) have been fishing with Colin almost every year for the 8+ years. Every year brings new and exciting fishing! There is never a dull moment every minute you are on the water with Colin. Can't wait to see ya in September Colin!  

Heath Willson Spokane, WA

 My father, brother-in-law and I have been fishing with Colin for the past 8 years. I can truly say that Colin and Moosehorn Lodge's hospitality keeps us coming back every year without consideration of other fishing expeditions. Colin consistently gets us the big fish every year. We appreciate his enthusiasm and hard work. Thanks Colin! We can't wait to see you this September for another great trip. 

Gil Gillette Caldwell, Idaho

  Each  year for several years now, a group of old geezers from all parts of the U. S., some of us in our mid-80s who have been fishing continuously since the 1930s, travel to Moosehorn Lodge to fish with Colin Gosse. We go with Colin to see the scenery, to see the birds and animals, to catch lots of big fish, and to have the best shore lunches on the North American Continent. When necessary, Colin augments his duties by acting as an EMT and hospice provider. 

Paul Barrows Wimberley, TX

 Colin is truly a super guide in the Lac Seul area and, along with his fellow Moosehorn Lodge guides, has consistently put members of our group on top notch fish, both in quantity and quality, for years! And man, does he know how to put together classic shore lunches to remember! 

Dr Doug Duey San Antonio, Texas

 I've been fishing with Colin for almost 10 years now, and I have to say he is one of the major reasons I return to the Moosehorn Lodge each year. Not only is he extremely knowledgable of the fishing hot spots, he's just a great guy that is a joy to be around. I honestly feel lazy fishing with him since it's nearly impossible to bait my own hook or remove a hooked fish. None of my friends believe the amount and quality fish I catch each year with Colin, but I've converted many a nay sayer into a believer by bringing them along on the annual fishing trip. Colin is not only a great fishing guide, but has become a great friend that I look forward to seeing each year. If you have the opportunity, have Colin be your fishing guide. You won't regret it! 



Paul Huling

 "I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that wants a guide that is knowledgeable and works hard for his clients. We caught a lot of fish, more even than we hoped for. The shore lunch ranked with any meal I've ever had. You gave us a lot of information about spots we didn't have time to fish that day but will in the future. Good luck to you and hope to see you in the future." 

Peggy Cook Walton,Ky

 "I first met Colin several years ago when Lake Minnitaki was particularly dangerous due to the low water level.  I have a cabin on the lake and had traveled 1200 miles to get to the cabin which I learned after arrival in Sioux Lookout was almost impossible.  My caretakers had refused to navigate the lake.  Colin was the man that was recommended to accomplish the task because of his knowledge of the lake and the hazards involved.  I am very thankful to Colin for taking us safely to our destination and for checking on us during our stay.
Since that time I have used Colin many times to guide us on fishing expeditions.  He is prompt, courteous, dedicated to his clients, and always leaves you with a pleasant experience and lots of fish."